This book is an album for teaching movement in
Montessori Early Education Programs

Overview of Chapters

Movement Matters, a fully illustrated Montessori album, is written to provide Montessori educators with ways to implement movement experiences for 2 1/2 - to 6-year-old children.

Chapter 1:

Why movement matters to the cognitive, affective and psychomotor development of young children

Chapter 2:

The importance Maria Montessori placed on movement as an influence on cognitive development

Chapter 3:

Considerations and procedures for teaching movement lessons in the Montessori classroom – Ways to integrate and normalize movement through organizational and management strategies

Chapter 4:

Underlying presuppositions for teaching movement across all Montessori settings

Chapter 5:

Definitions of fundamental movement skills and physical fitness terms

Chapter 6:

Three categories of fundamental movement skills

Chapter 7:

Lesson plans for teaching locomotor movements at the classroom rug - Numerous combinations for practicing locomotor movements

Chapter 8:

Lesson plans for teaching object control skills at the classroom rug

Chapter 9:

Lesson plans for teaching the movement concepts of stability along with balance and flexibility

Chapter 10:

Three additional ways to implement movement in a Montessori setting

Chapter 11:

Teaching strategies for effectively leading large groups of children through movement activities – Safety and equipment considerations

Chapter 12:

Lesson plans for fifty-four enjoyable and engaging Large Group Activities – Complementary lesson plans for Independent Work from the Movement Shelf